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Within Construction, existing employment agency methods are outdated. The processes of organising the employment, monitoring attendance, keeping records and submitting annual returns are inefficient and error-prone. Alarmingly, the majority of agencies supplying tradespeople to Construction have not conducted Right to Work checks correctly as stipulated by the Home Office.

Perhaps more alarmingly, there is widespread mistreatment of tradespeople by agencies and their payroll departments. It is reported that some payroll departments force tradespeople to pay Employer's NI on top of their own, deny them holiday pay and charge them unreasonably high fees. More than 220 tradespeople I've asked say that they currently feel exploited. Research shows that under present conditions:

  1. Tradespeople have no control over their profiles, lower earnings, incorrect taxation and little power to affect change.
  2. Employers struggle to find suitable tradespeople, endure troublesome admin and risk employing tradespeople not legally allowed to work.
  3. HMRC and HM Treasury receive inaccurate employment data and tax receipts, respectively.

As an electrician of thirteen years myself, Subtap grew out of personal frustration with being unable to do anything to address the challenges. My aim is for Subtap to make the experience of work more rewarding – for tradespeople and employers alike – while promoting fairness and equality in Construction.

Harrison Moore, Founder

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Tradespeople manage all aspects of their employment search and admin from the Home screen, or simply switch to Available to be connected with employers.


No more agency phone calls, texts or emails. Tradespeople store their experience and credentials on Subtap just once and control their Profile at their convenience.


...Easing the anxiety about the next job. Tradespeople plan their work in advance using Calendar and switch between their availability and confirmed jobs.


With accurate job-specific information, tradespeople search for jobs by wage, location, duration or rating and can commit with just one click.


Goodbye baffling payslips! Tradespeople are paid fairly and on time, every time. E-payslips are clear, understandable and stored securely.


Tradespeople access their full work history and financial information in one place, saving them time and effort when submitting annual returns.

Note: The sequence above shows examples from the tradespeoples' perspective only.

Award winner of the 2017 Our Place in the World Investment Challenge.

Award winner of the 2017 Do It Award from UnLtd - the foundation for social entrepreneurs.

Supported by philanthropists Tom and Claire Shutes and InnovationRCA, London.

wider impact


To create the conditions in which tradespeople are valued.



Support and reward tradespeople;

Champion quality workmanship;

Work smart using technology



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